Comprehensive Guide to Power Steering Wheel And Its Types

Keeping things simple, power steering is a part of the motor vehicle system that diminishes the hassle of a driver turning or handling the steering wheel.

Lack of power assist can make the steering of almost all vehicles heavy, mainly during low-speed maneuvers such as turning a 90-degree corner within the city, pulling into a parking area, or maneuvering in a crowded gas station.

Today, you’ll find three significant types of power steering:

Hydraulic Power Steering:

Hydraulic Power Steering


When it comes to a hydraulic steering system, the hassle involved in turning the vehicle’s wheel by rotation declines with hydraulic assistance.

When you turn the hand-wheel, a hydraulic ram - draws out power from the car’s engine - begins pumping hydraulic fluid via the system’s lines.

This hydraulic fluid comes with high pressure, which then makes its way into a cylinder and exerts pressure or force on the piston.

Electric Power Steering:

Electric Power Steering



When it comes to an electric power steering system, the motive force of the car or vehicle gives input by turning its handwheel.

This input is read by the steering column’s sensors and transferred to the vehicle’s ECU or Electronic Control Unit. Once these inputs get analyzed, the ECU sends signals to an electronic motor.

You’ll find this motor at the steering column’s tip. The gear present at this motor then ensures torque assisted by the ECU-transferred signals, which sends the torque to the rack and ultimately turns the vehicle's wheels.

Hybrid Power Steering:


Hybrid Power Steering


When it comes to hybrid power-supported steering systems, the entire working concept stays the same as that of the hydraulic steering system.

The only notable difference is that the hydraulic ram - the one driven by the engine - gets replaced by an electrical pump. This, in fact, makes the complete system more reliable compared to when you deploy a hydraulic ram.

Heating Steering Wheel: What Is It & How Does It Work?

What Is It:


Fast-paced technological advancement has become the topmost priority of car manufacturers. The best manufacturers always develop some great ideas.

The capabilities and knowledge of automobile experts make your driving experience more enhanced, swift, and seamless. Heated steering wheel or handwheel technology isn’t something new to the world.

Many car manufacturers use these steering types for weather conditions. Several drivers feel uncomfortable after touching the frosty handwheel during harsh weather conditions.

The handwheel system is crucial for drivers staying in places with extreme weather conditions. You can easily find this system in SUVs, sedans, and even small cars.

A steering wheel or handwheel is the significant controlling unit within your automobile. You can use car steering to manage music, radio, mobile phone connectivity, and AC.

In this era, heated steering wheels have become a common fashionable trend. After all, it’s hard for people to drive with a chilling handwheel. No worries about freezing days, as the warm steering always helps you drive efficiently.


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How It Works:


The steering wheel or heated handwheel innovation is made to alter and replace ordinary plastic wheels. This wheel has an element inside that helps it stay warm for an extended period.

Moreover, some vehicles come with buttons for temperature control of the coil. It allows you to adjust the temperature as per your convenience. It takes no time for the heating coil to heat up inside the steering.

Some vehicles have automatic coils that generate heat after you get in the cabin. These coils come with reference to some power source like a battery.

Per the experts’ maintenance tips, deploying a resistance element is crucial to prevent overheating. That’s because overheating inside the vehicle can result in severe issues.

These steering wheels were costlier than the regular ones. Typical modifications enabled the heated handwheel to be easy and economical.

Final Thoughts

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