Bizupon Offers Express Delivery Of Second-Hand Japanese Cars

Japanese cars have a special place in the hearts of quality car owners. It boasts of amazing engine performance and trustworthy driveability. These features are hard to match with other countries' manufacturers. Hence these Japanese cars are in huge demand even when they are second-hand.

Pre-owned Japanese cars are extremely popular in Russia. They perform well in the rugged terrains of the country and have served car owners well for many years.  

There is one more tremendous advantage of getting used Japanese cars imported to Russia. Bizupon has started with express deliveries of second-hand Japanese cars to Russia.   


Benefits of Bizupon's car express shipping to Russia

- You don't have to visit used car dealerships and invest time and effort in searching for the right car for yourself.

- You don't have to visit Japan to communicate with Japanese car dealerships.

- You don't have to put time and effort examining the health and performance of the car

 Bizupon will do all this and more, just for you.


Why should you buy a car via express delivery from Bizupon

With the upcoming Holidays and New Year, it makes complete sense to get second-hand Japanese cars exported from Japan to Russia in lightning-quick time. Bizupon is one of the rare dealerships that can make it happen for you. With us, you can be on time to get the car delivered to Russia so that you can surprise your loved ones and family members with a quick delivery.

All you need to do is pick your preferred car from our website and put down a nominal deposit for the same. That's it!

Let Bizupon take the process from this stage and ensure the safe delivery of an amazing pre-owned Japanese car to the nearest Russian port.


Take advantage of car express shipping to Russia in 17 working days only with Bizupon

Bizupon is well-known for its customer-centric approach for more than a decade. It brings out various innovative initiatives that offer incredible value for the Bizupon customers. One such initiative is the car express shipping to Russia in 17 working days.

Because customer satisfaction is our top goal, we remain strongly committed to providing top-notch vehicles via our website. We have in ready stock all popular brands like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Subaru, Isuzu, and Mitsubishi. This way, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a car for express delivery to Russia. This advantage is enabled by our strong dealer network of trustworthy Japanese exporters.

Also, we have strengthened our marine logistics partner network to fulfil the goal of car express shipping to Russia in 17 working days. We have tie-ups with the standard Toku Haru, Fuku Haru, and Red Saker, as well as the new-age Frio Hellenic ship, which can transport up to 600 cars in one trip! By making the shipping efficient, we can ensure faster delivery of the cars in a record time of just 17 days.

Come, take advantage of the car express shipping to Russia, on offer only at Bizupon.




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