BMW X5 Vs Toyota Hilux A Side-By-Side Comparison Guide

Are you in the market to purchase a used vehicle? Well, good for you!

First of all, you don't have to experience a huge depreciation in the value of the used BMW cars for sale as soon as it leaves the dealership. And second, you enjoy the vehicle of your dream without spending too much of your savings. 

Amongst the various make and models available in the market, Toyota and BMW vehicles are the most commonly seen and purchased brands in the second-hand market. In this blog, we will conduct an in-depth comparison between the features of the BMW X5 and Toyota Hilux to help you make an informed decision.

Let's begin!

1- Interior 


BMW X5 is one of the most luxurious vehicles you will ever buy. These 5 doors, 5-seater SUV has spacious interiors that are enough for comfortably accommodating five adults.

You will come across a variety of features like heated seats, lumbar supports, a built-in monitor, front and rear cupholders, a sunroof and so on in these used BMW cars for sale. You can also find this vehicle with an automatic transmission system. 


Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux provides high ground clearance, and the seats are located near the floor. The cabin in this vehicle is designed to last.

Since the 2012 facelift, Hilux now includes a touch screen on HL3 along with Bluetooth hands-free. 

With dual-cab Hilux, you can find additional storage underneath the rear seats, but anything left in the back can be on display. This is why Japanese Toyota used car for sale also gives a wide range of tonneau covers to add security to the cargo space. 


2- Exterior


In BMW X5, it is the compact-sized kidney bean-style grille that might catch your attention. Other than that, you can come across a robust lower front fascia with a mesh grille and rounded fog lights. 

The integrated roof rails, along with LED headlights and power tailgate, add to the overall design of these second-hand BMW cars.


Toyota Hilux

Hilux line-up gives the choices of different body styles, ranging from single cab models to extra cab models that are capable of giving tough competition to peers like VV Amarok and Ford Ranger. 

If you tow a trailer often, then used Toyota cars for sale may be your best choice, given it can haul up to 2800 kg. 


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3- Engine


BMW X5 brings a similar powertrain design and manages to offer around 335 horsepower. You can also find an eco-start and stop feature along with 8-speed automatic transmission in these second-hand BMW cars.


Toyota Hilux

Hilux’s 2.5 and 3.0-liter engines are capable of providing equal 343Nm torque products only when offered with a manual gearbox. You won't have a lot to achieve here. Instead, opt for the 3.0-litre automatic transmission variant even though it offers around 360Nm. 

The back edge of the Hilux can be achieved through long-travel suspension, live axle and leaf springs. 


4- Safety 


BMW X5 can be equipped with anti-locking brakes, a rear-view camera, 3-point seatbelts, adaptive brake lights, LED fog lights and so on.

Toyota Hilux

Almost every variant of Japanese Toyota used car for sale comes with driver and passenger airbags and side and curtain airbags on invincible models. The vehicle also sports a vehicle stability control of VSC. Hilux also features two three-point belts, while the middle seat has a lap belt. This only shows that Hilux was built with excellent ideas, given it was manufactured in 2012. 


5- Fuel efficiency 


Even though BMW X5 manages to offer better fuel efficiency, it has a smaller tank when compared with the Mercedes Benz ML class. 

City fuel economy: 17.00mpg

Highway fuel economy: 22.00mpg

Engine type: Petrol/Gas


Toyota Hilux

The open body of Hilux reduces the aerodynamics of the vehicle, making it ineffective in fuel efficiency. 

In the real world, the Hilux drivers are required to acquire 30mpg-plus even while driving on normal streets. This mpg might fall when these used Toyota cars for sale are taken off-road and using the low-range box significantly. 


City fuel economy: 17.00mpg

Highway fuel economy: 21.00mpg

Engine type: Petrol/Gas


Signing off
Well, it is evident from the blog that both of these vehicles – BMW X5 and Toyota Hilux are excellent choices on their own. 

Irrespective of which vehicle you purchase, ensure proper maintenance to make the most out of your investment in the second-hand vehicle.



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