All You Need to Know About Buying a Car in Chile

One of the excellent ways to navigate the roads of Chile is to buy a car. However, the prices of new cars may make it is tough financial proposition to accomplish.

This is precisely where pre-owned cars come into the picture.

Some models, especially, the Japanese ones, have created a formidable reputation as a car that delivers exemplary performance even when it is a second hand car. And the price hits the sweet spot for even the most conservative car buyers.

No wonder that Japanese models top the list of preferred second-hand cars in Chile.

Let’s look at the process of how to buy a car in Chile.


Why Buy Second-Hand Cars in Chile?

Second-Hand Cars in Chile

Chile has a thriving economy as they are rich in natural resources. This means that there is a better range of quality second-hand cars in Chile compared to the rest of South America.

In Chile, the discount on a vehicle is mostly related to its age than the number of kilometers travelled. Main roads and highways are of fine quality, but country roads are much less maintained; hence the cars are damaged quickly, especially chassis and dampers. This is why the prices of second-hand cars in Chile are not necessarily advantageous compared to the quality of the vehicles.

Before thinking about how to buy a car in Chile or have information about used Car for sale in Chile, let’s look up some of the basics.


What you should know about Chilean driving community?

  • Chilean drivers are mostly well behaved and courteous compared to other South American countries. Of course, there are always exceptions, mostly in heavy peak hour traffic in Santiago, where everyone goes a little crazy!
  • Also, there are no speed cameras in Chile, so Chileans also have a habit of generally driving 20-30% faster than the signed speed limit. Hence, you can enjoy yourself while driving with a new car in Chile.
  • It is advisable to carry your vehicle papers, license and ID proof with you. There are many police checkpoints, especially in the north, where you will need to show your documents.
  • Main roads are generally of high quality, comparable to many developed nations. However, like anywhere else, when you go into rural, remote areas, the road conditions deteriorate rapidly, especially after heavy rains. Exercise caution, ask locals and always carry plenty of fuel, food, and water if you get stuck.
  • Also, it is advised to never leave any valuables inside the car unattended. This way you will remain protected from problems like thefts and burglaries in the car.


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Things To Check Before Purchasing a Car

Purchasing a Car

1) Before purchasing a car in Chile, you should complete technical control to avoid any unpleasant surprises later. Furthermore, you should also check the administrative documents of the vehicle before any purchase. 

2) All debts and fines remain linked to the vehicle. Therefore, it is very essential to ensure that the vehicle does not have unpaid fines or motorway tolls. Otherwise, you will have to pay them yourself, or the officials may seize the car.

3) A vehicle should be subject to a restriction on ownership title, which prevents its transfer to another person.


To Conclude

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