All You Need To Know About Container Shipping of Cars

With the ever-increasing demand for Japanese cars all over the globe, the shipment of vehicles has also increased. The delivery is done with high demand in shipping through containers. As Japanese cars are the most reliable and trusted for their quality, they are in need to be imported by various countries. Usually, buyers use their methods to ship the cars according to their convenience. Among the buyers, the purest form of transportation is none other than the container shipment method.

Here are some of the curious questions every buyer has about container shipping for their used car exported from Japan. We have made a genuine attempt to answer some of the questions in this blog.

1) What is a car shipping container?

A shipping container, otherwise known as an intermodal container, is a rectangular container with standard sizes ranging from 20, 40, 45, and 53 feet used in the industry of cargo transport. The term intermodal determines that they can be moved from one form of transportation to the other like rail, plane, ship, or truck. The design of the container emphasizes the safety of the vehicle during transit. The vehicle must be placed firmly to protect it during shipment.

2) Why is containerized auto transport used?

Most commonly, container car shipping is used for international and overseas vehicle transport. Boat transportation is the only logical choice when overland shipping is not possible unless you want to spend a considerable sum on air freight.

3) What are the other options besides container shipping?

The ‘roll-on, roll-off’ method is another form of boat transportation. Here the vehicle is driven to the holding area in the ship where it is secured and delivered before driving off the boat at the destination port.

4) How does a container car transport work?

You have to select the transportation company, or in case of importing second-hand Japanese cars, the exporter does the part of arranging for transportation dates. Your vehicle is then transported to the nearby shipping port from where it is loaded into a car shipping container. The process involves disconnecting batteries and securing vehicles using industrial strength tie-downs and blocks to keep it intact in a place.

5) What are the other types of vehicles shipped in the container?

You can ship multiple vehicles in one container according to their size. Cars are roughly 8 feet in length, and boxes are 20 feet in length and height. Adjusting accordingly, you can ship various other items or multiple vehicles in the container.

6) What are the two types of container loading?

Full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL) are the two types of container loading. FCL is an ISO standard container which is loaded and unloaded under one shipper and only one consignee whereas; LCL may have multiple shipper and consignee for a single box.

Signing Off

With these many options available for shipment, a regular car buyer may be overwhelmed with the process and paperwork needed to get the car exported from Japan. It is a wise move to go with a popular dealer like Bizupon. It uses a container shipment method according to its client’s requirements to ensure they get safe and hassle-free delivery of the pre-owned car from Japan at their chosen destination port.

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