7 Most Sought-After Japan Used Mitsubishi Cars

Whenever Japanese cars are considered, there is no other name as prominent and sight-after like Mitsubishi. The professionals at Mitsubishi have always considered function and essentiality as the main selling point, rather than beauty and style.

Hence, Mitsubishi car dealers never run out of people purchasing used Mitsubishi cars in Japan. The biggest reason for the success of Japanese used Mitsubishi cars is its increased performance and futuristic technology.

This was an overview of why used Mitsubishi cars in Japan are the best-used cars you can purchase. Today we will be suggesting some of the most sought-after used Mitsubishi cars in Japan.


1- Pajero

Pajero SUV is one of the most well-known Mitsubishi automobiles produced of all time. Hence, they are the most sought-after used Mitsubishi cars in Japan. There are several editions of Pajero, such as the Pajero Mini, Pajero Sport, etc.

The Pajero Mini had two special editions; Active Field Edition and Limited Edition. They are one of the most common, affordable, and trusted SUVs of all time. Its off-road abilities and the classic boxy look set it apart from the rest of the competitors.


2- Lancer

Since its production began in 1973, Mitsubishi Lancer has gone through nine generations till it ceased production in 2017.

Mitsubishi Lancer is now mainly bought by several Asian countries, and the Lancer has a huge demand in the second-hand car market.


3- Mirage

For people looking for an affordable low-fuel consumption automobile, the ideal choice would be to opt for a Mirage.

Mirage is well-known for its low CO2 emissions. The best feature is that it is a hybrid, and it also has higher driving efficiency. People interested in having vehicles that contribute towards greener technology should choose this vehicle.

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4- Canter truck

This vehicle is suitable for people having to take care of transport needs. The Canter truck is the best choice for long journeys on the road. The reason many people opt for Canter Truck is that you can also purchase a hybrid option.

This truck has a double-clutch gearbox that is designed for heavy vehicles. The driver can maneuver through rough roads and tighter spaces easily.


5- Fighter


The Fighter Truck by Mitsubishi is one of the most sought-after trucks and is well-known because of its robust production. When it was launched, it was considered a trendsetter that attracted many heavy-vehicle owners.

The exterior style matches with its interior as well. The professionals took special care of the controls, roof lining, and seating arrangements. Hence, they offer an unmatched level of comfort.


6- Strada

When it was launched in Japan, it was named Forte. Unlike other vehicles, Strada is a pickup truck that can be utilized as a workplace and a family car. The first three generations alone have sold over 2.8 million units.

Its spacious legroom, cozy interiors, and ergonomic controls are what make it a pro to handle at high speeds. The cars are mainly used in countries like Canada, Korea, Japan, and the USA.


7- Eclipse

Eclipse was released as a replacement for Starion after it was discontinued. Its futuristic fuel-injection method and computer controlled-turbocharging made headlines when it was first launched. Very few cars can be compared with Eclipse when it comes to performance and technological advancements.


Wrapping up

These were a couple of the most sought-after Mitsubishi cars in Japan.




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