5 Exquisite Used Car Models for First-Time Buyers in 2023

Buying your first car is a significant landmark in your life. It’s a huge investment that requires careful consideration. Usually, first-time car buyers should prioritize models that are easy to drive. From a used Honda for sale to other popular models, check out the different options available for first-time car buyers.

1.Subaru Forester


Subaru Forester has an exceptional reputation for its structure as well as performance. The car boasts an aesthetic as well as a sturdy design. Despite the compact appearance, the car has enough space inside. The Forester will allow even tall people to sit comfortably with enough legroom and headroom.

You will have no opportunity to complain about inadequate storage space in the car, even with reclined seats. Additionally, the Forester comes with all the features commonly required by people. From USB charging ports for front and rear seats and touchscreen entertainment to blind spot warnings and power seats, the Forrester includes it all.

Another attractive feature of the Forester is its engine. Anyone who is passionate about driving will fall in love with this model. Moreover, the thick body and chassis make the Forrester soundproof.

The X-Mode terrain support feature is yet another striking feature of the Subaru Forester. Even while going downhill, the car automatically slows down to aid the driver. With all the fancy characteristics, the Subaru Forester can never be the wrong choice for first-time buyers.

2.Honda Accord

Honda Accord

If you are planning to purchase used cars, Honda is one brand that you can completely trust. While looking for used Honda cars for sale, keep an eye out for the Accord model. It is the epitome of high-class design and innovation with its sporty and youthful sedan style.

The durability of its engine is truly impressive. Even after 9 to 10 years of use, the car engine won’t show any signs of wear and tear. Besides running smoothly, the Honda Accord engine is highly energy-efficient.

Honda Accord boasts some of the best interior amenities, including an electric driver’s seat, electrically adjustable door blinds, and automatic air conditioning. The DV and touch screen display and high-quality sound system will ensure that you have access to non-stop entertainment on the move.

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3.Nissan Versa

Nissan Versa


The modern Versa comes with a floating roof and a stylized V-design on the front. Its attractiveness is accentuated by a grille, headlights, and air intake lights. The interior is extremely comfortable and has soft surfaces on the dashboard and doors.

The Versa model has a 122-horsepower four-cylinder to power the front wheels. It has a unified power unit of an aspirated engine and a five-speed mechanical or a variant. The fuel economy is extremely impressive, even for highways and urban roads.

4.Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark

First-time car buyers looking for an economical mode of transportation must go for the Chevrolet Spark. The compact design and a turning radius below 5 m are other impressive features of this model. The car can be moved easily across small alleys and busy streets.

Chevrolet Spark does not feature the typical round design found in subcompacts. Instead, it comes with embossed lines and a perpendicular rear end. Despite the compact size, the interior space is more than sufficient.

Chevrolet Spark includes a 4-speaker entertainment system, air conditioning, and USB/AUX connection ports. The repair costs, maintenance fees, and fuel economy of the model are too good to be true. Since the car has a 1l engine, its average fuel consumption does not go beyond 5 to 6 liters for every 100 km.  

5.Toyota RAV4


The RAV4 has the Toyota New Global Architecture chassis. It is around 57% stiffer than the traditional chassis and includes a flexible suspension system. The interior of the RAV4 is rounder and more harmonious than older models.

The modern and luxurious dashboard, Apple CarPlay compatibility, and an infotainment system with a touch screen are quite impressive. The 4-cylinder engine comes with a CVT gearbox. It ensures that the fuel consumption of the vehicle remains economical.

RAV4 is an extremely safe vehicle with all features of the Toyota package. Some prominent safety features of the vehicle include automatic headlights or wipers, automatic emergency braking technology, and adaptive cruise control.

Parting Words

First-time buyers often look for the competitive rates offered by Japanese second-hand car dealers. If you are looking for reliable Japanese used car dealers, Bizupon has got you covered. Once you choose your preferred vehicle model, we will get in touch with the exporter. Our experts will inspect the car and complete all the paperwork while you wait for the vehicle to arrive at your doorstep.


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