How Do You Reposition the Car from Right hand to Left hand

The majority of the countries adopt a left-hand driving system. Despite this, a considerable population follows the right-hand driving system.

One such country is Japan.

So, if you wish to import a used car from Japan, you would expect a right-hand vehicle. If it is accepted in your country, you are free to drive that way.

However, if it is not, you must convert a right-hand drive vehicle to a left-hand drive. 


How Much Is the Price for The Conversion?

The price of conversion will depend upon the model. If it is a standard car, the parts will be affordable and easily available; hence, the price will be less. The conversion cost will be higher if it is a luxury car service. 


How Do You Reposition the Car from Right-Hand Drive to Left-Hand Drive?

 Don’t make a DIY attempt if you have less knowledge. Ask the professional to convert the same to avoid future mistakes or disasters. Even a minor issue can cause safety hazards to the car and the one driving it.

The following components need to be repositioned to make the conversion successful.

  • Repositioning of the steering wheel
  • Reposition of rack
  • Reposition of dashboard
  • Reposition of the side mirror

Let’s start with it

1.Reposition of the Steering Wheel

The first step towards conversion is to reposition the steering wheel. Good care is necessary while repositioning the wheel along with its components like the car’s engine and steering system. They require modification.

2.Reposition the Steering Rack

The steering rack needs to be repositioned. While doing so, care must be taken as it can also impact the airbags and damage them.

3.Reposition of the Pedal Assembly

Once you have repositioned the steering rack and wheel, the next step for conversion is right-hand-drive to the left-hand-drive conversion of the pedal assembly. If you have a manual-driven car, dismantle and remove the pedal mounts and then reinstall to the left-hand side. You need to pay attention to the brake master cylinder while repositioning the car from right hand to left hand. Proper alignment is necessary to protect against dangers. It is recommended to visit a mechanic for such things as it could be very dangerous to do it yourself. 

4.Reposition the Accessories

The firewall accessories like AC ducts, blower motor, and other wires need to be replaced. As all these accessories are contained in the passenger compartments and the engine, you must remove them for conversion. If you are technically sound, you can take the DIY route. However, asking an expert for the conversion is preferable, as it will be done with extra care and without risk of failure. 

5.Adjust the Doors and Wipers

The last step for the conversion is to adjust the wiper and door controls. The need arises when the controls are on the right-hand side. No change is required if they are in the middle, and you don’t need to reinstall them. 

After the conversion process is complete, the car needs to be thoroughly inspected. Once it is done, it is good to go.

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What Are Other Points to Consider When Importing a Used Car from Japan?

The other factors that you should keep in mind are your country’s laws that specify whether right-hand side driving is fit or not, and if it is not sure, find a company that helps in the conversion. You can take assistance from a local mechanic, and a conversion kit will suffice if you are a professional. 

Always research the conversion options, and you will be assured of the minimal risk. The conversion price is not high, especially when the conversion is done to protect you from unforeseen dangers. Going to a professional mechanic is always better than doing it yourself. 



Though the left-hand driving system is more popular than the right-hand driving system, still, some countries adopt it like Japan. So, if you have imported a car from Japan, you might be provided with the right-hand drive that needs to be converted safely.

The post talks about the car parts that need to be repositioned to ensure a safe driving experience. Call or contact Bizupon for a hassle-free shipping experience.  



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