User Manual

The users should first and foremost register with Bizupon with a valid email id and password and other personal details like their first name, last name, country, state, city, contact details. After logging in they will receive another login credentials from the administrator to participate in live bidding. Click on the option button and decide how would you like to search. Using the buttons, you can specify several criteria at once, or you can search by keywords that you type in. After being a registered user, you can directly be a part of our online bidding service.

Bizupon makes purchase on order basis on behalf of customers and helps customers to understand the auction system and select their product. By this, the user can directly participate in live bidding. The clients can make many bids on the car of their choice without even paying in the first place, as we buy the car on their behalf. Our product specialists are always prepared to assist you along the way. By using several filters provided by Bizupon clients can use bidding system and compress the stock list, getting the best offer and price. As you become a part of live auction, you can use various filters to select your preferred vehicle.

You can choose your car as per your desired brand, car name, model type, Engine CC and colors. Clients can also avail the facility of choosing daywise bidding. For example if you want to make a bidding on Monday, then you can just go through the bidding options and find a suitable day for yourself to make a bid on your desired car. Or If you find Tuesday a more suitable day for bidding, then you can participate in the auction on that day as per your convenience.

That sums up how clients can participate in the live auction on any day they desire and as per the condition of the auction date, auction name, chassis id, year of manufacture and mileage condition. Users need to click on their bid number and make their bid request. If the bid closes within his/ her bidding amount, then the client will receive an invoice from the administrator that will confirm the deal.

Our Stock

Bizupon's virtual car lot allows you to swap the salesman and pressure-laden environment for a comfortable chair and air conditioning, while still providing all the necessary information regarding each car’s condition and history . We provide a surfeit of vehicles to clients and offer them choice of cars and other vehicles galore. With a plethora of options , customers can avail the comfort of getting the best product at their disposal. Our product list contains of top brands like Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Mitsubishi, BMW, Lexus, Volkswagen and Mini. Clients can search their product by applying make or type filter. These filters also throw light on special features of the car including its price, mileage, fuel, transmission, airbags, defogger, head restraint and traction control system, safety features, audio system, parking sensors etc

Social Media

Clients can join us on Social Media as well. You can connect with us on social media platform and know the knick knacks of the deal. We also invite your queries and feedback on our Facebook page. Social Media becomes a mediator between Bizupon and its clients. You can connect with us on Facebook by following our Facebook link Through Facebook, clients can tell us about their desired preferances the same way as it is provided on our website. You can search the desired vehicle as per the filters on our website including the brand, mileage, suspension, fuel, transmission as well as the history of the vehicle. This way Facebook gives more power to the client by an easy access