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Buy Used Cars in Uganda

Are you in the market for used cars for sale in Uganda? It is the best time to check the Japanese used vehicle market with the help of Bizupon. Japan is one of the most preferred sources of used vehicles.

This is because the Japanese automobile industry manages to launch top-quality vehicles that work just fine even after years of use.

Bizupon – one of the leading used vehicles importers and suppliers in Uganda can make your dream of acquiring a vehicle come true.

With over 15 years of experience in the field, we are capable of delivering a customized solution for vehicle purchasing needs. We streamline the process so you can experience nothing but the best.

Reasons to Prefer Bizupon

Japanese used car industry is booming, and no one knows this better than us. Our expert Uganda used car dealers go above and beyond to ensure that every client of ours benefits from this thriving industry.

There are many reasons why potential used vehicle buyer likes to work with us; here are a few:

  • As mentioned, Bizupon has been in the industry for over 15 years. We know the industry quite well that other budding used car Dealerships in Uganda. Our expertise also enables us to bring you the best deals with zero foul play.
  • With Bizupon, you don’t have to worry about the language barrier. Our experts can easily navigate you through everything in the simplest way possible. Our multi-lingual staff ensures every customer is well-heard and well-answered to.
  • • We believe in delivering more than just quality services. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients. That is why ensure to deliver carefully inspected vehicle for engine and performance. In short, your Bizupon imported Japanese used cars to Uganda will be a total value for money invested.

What Is the Cost Associated with Importing Vehicles to Uganda?

The cost of importing a used vehicle to Uganda relies on the import tax. Here is a list of taxes imposed on car importation to Uganda:

  • Value added tax of VAT 17%
  • Import duty is of 15% dutiable value
  • 2% import declaration fee of dutiable value
  • 4% withholding tax
  • In some cases, the excise duty is charged at 10% duty fees

How Long Does It Take for Bizupon to Import the Vehicle in Uganda?

The entire process from beginning to end can take several weeks. However, our Uganda second-hand vehicle dealers start the process as soon as the documentation process is complete and payment is received from your end.

We then work with our partnered shipping company to complete the shipping process.

What Documents Are Required to Be Submitted?

To import the used second-hand car to Uganda, you will require submitting documents like:

  • Bill of lading (original)
  • Copy of the work permit
  • Certificate of change or residence
  • Immigration permit’s original copy
  • Vehicle’s purchase invoice
  • Vehicle’s original logbook
  • Car inventory in triplicate (Must be English, valued, dated, and signed by the customer)
  • If there are any electrical-powered items, they must have serial numbers
  • TIN or tax identification number issued by the purchaser’s local employer in Uganda
  • Work permit

Keep in mind if your vehicle needs to be shipped at Dar-es-salaam, then there are certain extra regulations to consider. You will require to register the vehicle you wish to import with Tanzania’s Revenue Authority list. This way, your will vehicle will get clearance from the Tanzania Customs Regulations to be taken forward to Uganda.

Age restrictions

Before 2018, there was no restriction on how old a car had to be before it was offered entry into the country. But the new Road Safety Act passed in 2018 requires the Japanese used vehicles to be below 15 years of age.

How will Bizupon Help You?

We cannot stress enough the fact that we have incredible amounts of expertise in the field. Our used car dealership in Uganda strives to be the best. Our focus is always on customer satisfaction. Here is how we make your dream of owning a vehicle come true:

  • Every car that we export to the customer’s destination undergoes complete inspection. We ensure to deliver total quality with our services.
  • With Bizupon, you will never fall prey to foul play. In fact, we go above and beyond to keep you in the loop of everything that is going on at our end. We keep you informed from the beginning till the end, that is, until you receive your vehicle at your nearest port.
  • We conduct every process with complete compliance with customs along with government norms in Japan. The same goes with the Ugandan customs and government, too.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know how easy and streamlined it is to purchase Japan used cars in Uganda, it is time for you to connect with Bizupon’s Uganda second-hand vehicles dealers. Or scan our website to check the Japanese used car for sale in Uganda to choose your vehicle of choice. And then involve us in your journey. We will take care of all steps – right from paperwork and customs formalities, to shipment to your nearest home country port.

Clients Feedback

I recommend bizupon to buy cars from, I have been using their services and buying cars from them since very long and they always arrive same neat and clean. I don’t know how they maintain same quality of services all the time.


Вот уже 8 лет я веду бизнес с вашей компанией, и я рад сказать, что вы лучший в отрасли. Я очень доволен вашими услугами.


Я очень взволнован, когда пишу о своем опыте ведения бизнеса с bizupon, я бы сказал, что собираюсь покупать свои машины у bizupon, пока я в этом бизнесе.


Bizupon is one of the best car dealers I came across, the thing I like the most about bizupon is their transparency, they are always clear with their deals and never try to misguide their customers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Bizupon has extensive experience purchasing cars on behalf of customers through live bidding. Buyers can check the options available at the auction houses across Japan. As registered dealers, we will connect with the Japanese exporter and bid on your behalf. Once we win the bid, the shipment process will start so you can get the car.

Q.What is the best-used car to buy?

A triple blend of safety, engine performance, and looks will determine if a Japanese used car is a best buy for you or no. We place emphasis on rigorous inspection of the vehicle’s condition, and only when we are satisfied, do we list it for you.

You can select the vehicle, and our registered dealer will check all the verifications and complete the paperwork. We will help buy the car on your behalf directly from Japanese car dealers after a strict scrutiny. It is followed by the payment and shipment process.

Visit the official site of Bizupon and compete for the registration procedure, after which you can check the cars. Our experts have more than 15 years of experience. We will speak with the Japanese exporters and bid for you. This makes purchasing second-hand cars extremely easy.

The currency in which the prices are displayed is YEN or USD. We believe in customer satisfaction and believe in taking the experience to the whole next level. Thus, you can see any option as per your preference.

TT copy is Telegraphic Transfer, and it is one of the most preferred payment methods. It is the safest, simplest, and quickest and takes approximately three days to reflect the amount.

The payment process needs to be made by TT into the bank account. It is mentioned in the invoice in advance, and three working days are required to process this. The payment can be made in convertible currencies, like Yen or Dollar.

Of course, we speak English fluently. Apart from that, we can speak the languages prevalent in markets like Russia, Newzealand, and Kenya, can also communicate in local languages. So, our customers will not face any problem while speaking with us.

We do sell auto parts from popular brands of genuine quality at affordable prices. We sell various cars and authentic parts from different brands, like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Chevrolet, Fiat, Citron, etc.