Your Dream Car


The Toyota Prius is probably the most recognizable and well-known car produced by the Toyota Corporation

The Nissan Note is a mini Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) designed and manufactured by the Nissan Motor

customers who want their vehicles to perform well both on-road and off-road. And it isn’t surprising to unveil that Toyota’s SUV range is leading in

There is one thing that sets apart Japanese car brands like Honda and Toyota from others. It is the reliable

Buy Used Cars in Kenya

At Biz Upon, you can buy pre-owned cars from any brand, any model. Our crew has the expertise in offering a range of choices precisely as per customer preferences. This advantage has made us a reputed dealership in Kenya with a forte in getting customers what they need.

We have made a name for ourselves as a trustworthy multi-brand used car dealership. At our dealership, you can find a wide range of vehicles, each suited to your driving choices and budget constraints. Allow our experts to show you the best in class customer servicing experience that you deserve when you step into our dealership in Kenya. You will find major car brands like Toyota, Hinda Subaru, Nissan, etc. We have a big list of models and variants that will delight you. From making the right choice to drawing up the paperwork for the transfer of ownership of the vehicles, we do it all and much more, only for you.

We also make provisions to keep the buying process simple with online ordering. In this approach, you need to fill out a few details online, submit it and make the payment by T.T. Once this step is done, we will dispatch the order and ship it to a port nearest to your destination. Here, you can use our Bill of Lading to get possession of the used car registered in your name. You can also participate in live bidding and get comprehensive information about the vehicle undergoing the auction. Bid for the same, and if you are successful, then you can have the car booked in your name.

Reasons to pick Biz Upon

There are many car dealerships in Kenya, but very few can match our zeal for stellar customer servicing and providing deeply customized services.

Our crew is knowledgeable in second-hand cars for sale in Kenya. They work with you to get the best deal in pre-owned vehicles. Our 10+ years’ experience comes in handy when you are at the showroom. You remain feeling ‘invited’ without feeling ‘pressured’ to take an urgent decision on buying a second-hand car for sale.

If you need to do research on the possible options, take a look, do a test drive, or get any pertinent questions answered, our team of expert sales staff will be right beside you to resolve any doubts or questions that you may have. Get a hassle-free used car buying experience when you are at our dealership for second hand cars for sale in Kenya.