About Bizupon

We are Bizupon Co Ltd- we have been in business for more than 15 years now (earlier named as UK Corporation Co Ltd). On a global scale we are one of the largest exporters of Japanese used cars and seller of new cars. Our motto is to serve our customers with dedication and create a bond of trust to become their preferred choice in purchase of used vehicles internationally. Being in the “import and export “industry for many years has given a cutting edge in procuring stock and creating confidence in dealers and manufacturers, enabling us to become a prominent name in exporting used cars at reasonable rates.

Our objective is to maintain a stock of about 1000 vehicles of latest brands and models in our yards across Japan. Updating stock on regular basis with new releases and latest make for used vehicles is always our aim. Our stock consist of SUV’s, Sedans, Luxury cars , Hatchback, Heavy construction vehicles ,trucks, busses and more. Not just this, we are also exporters of used/new motorbikes as well. All major brands and models from the globe are available in our stock.

We have a strong team of experienced staff and sincere customer care support team that will be at your service 24x7x365. At Bizupon Co Ltd, staff is multilingual and well trained to cater to customer from different countries with ease. Our excellent technical yard team is befitted at fixing any minor defects and undertaking full inspection of the vehicle in order to ensure quality of the product.

In purview of projecting our business ethics and honesty to engage customers trust we maintain a record of our export and sales history with full disclosure of shipping dates, ports, documentation and invoice of sales on our website. This allows customers to understand the authenticity of our business and legality of out transactions.

We believe in creating a long terms bond and selling cars is just an initiation!