We provide complete assistance in Japanese auction system

1- We help our customer to understand the auction system and select their product.

2- We give idea of market price and market demand.

3- We transfer knowledge of auction system so that our customer can bid their desired product from anywhere in the world.

4- We make purchase on order basis on behalf of our customer.

We give assistance in documentation

1- From Purchase to delivery we provide complete documentation help to our customers.

2- We become the medium between the auction house and customer for any kind of correspondence.

3- We take responsibility for all the documentation required by custom in japan.

Local transportation in japan

1- We take all the responsibility, if there is any kind of damages (except the natural calamities) during the transportation in japan.

2- We have systematic arrangements for local transportation within japan.

3- We consider our different transport partners to move our product from one place to another in japan.

Bizupon offers hustle free shipping anywhere in the world

1- We ship products anywhere on the earth.

2- We have our shipping partners all over the japan (almost all the major shipping companies) and they take care of our shipping process very smartly.

3- In the process of shipping we take all the responsibilities to the port in japan.

Our Company gives detailed information on FOB, CIF and CNF

1- FOB stands for Freight On Board i.e. cost of product to the port anywhere in japan.

2- CIF stands for Cost Insurance Freight i.e. cost of product to the desired port including insurance during shipping and freight.

3- CNF stands for Cost and Freight i.e. cost of product to the desired port including freight without insurance.

We give authentic access to our stock and facility to make purchase

1- Here we provide login access to our registered user to check our stock list.

2- We provide facility to make purchase.

3- We give them transparent information from their purchase to shipping in their profile.