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Purchasing used vehicles for sale is not an easy task. In this article listed some ways that will assist you in clearly inspecting and then purchasing used cars

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It is Now Easy to Get Superior Quality Japanese Used Cars for Sale in Russia

Purchasing a vehicle can be an expensive affair. But, to survive this fast-pacing lifestyle, it becomes crucial to own a vehicle. That is why many people opt for Japanese used cars for sale in Russia from Bizupon, and this option makes a lot of sense.

We all know that people in Russia prefer a vehicle that offers impressive off-road performance. Most Japanese vehicles have high-quality underbody treatment, making them a suitable choice to hold up well on the Russian roads.

By going for used vehicles for sale, you are not only getting the best deals on your purchase, but most of these used vehicles are in optimum condition. That means you get an almost new car at a discounted rate.

At Bizupon , we value your investment and expectations from us; that is why we have many options for used cars in Russia. You can select your preferred make and model from our website, followed by a few simple purchasing procedures to finally become the owner of your dream car.

Why Customers from Russia Prefer Bizupon?

Bizupon has been offering customer-centric services for more than 15 years. We know all the nitty-gritty involved in maintaining high-quality standards so that your experience of working with us is pleasant always.

We offer extensive services, right from market research to signing the deal and completing the final documentation. We take time in making our customers understand the concept of buying a Used Car in Russia. We also help them with comprehending the auction system and selecting a reliable product. Our services include:

  • Thoroughly inspected vehicles: We inspect the vehicle to ensure its condition is the same as stated in the auction sheet.
  • Best price: Bizupon takes pride in offering the lowest service charges without any hidden charges.
  • Quick and hassle-free shipping process: Our impressive relationship with multiple leading shipping companies allows us to Import Japanese Used Cars to Russia quickly without any hassle.
  • 24/7 customer support: Our dedicated customer care representatives are always available to ensure you get total support from the start till the end.
  • Proactive communication: Our staff is proactive in providing bidding details, followed by details on the payment and shipping process.

How to Import Japanese Used Cars to Russia and How We Can Help?

Japanese used cars are quite famous all around the world. In recent years, Russia has become a major market for all the top automakers since the USSR's fall. And since many people opt for second-hand cars in Russia, it has become easy to import Japanese Used Cars to Russia.

Here is how Bizupon helps you leverage its immense experience as a Japanese used car dealer:

  • Choose the car: You can scan through our plethora of vehicle option to select a car of your choice. Then proceed with ordering the same.
  • Order and complete the payment: Once your order is confirmed based on the availability, our sales staff will send a confirmed Performa invoice against which you'll require making payment by T.T. (The bank account details are available on the invoice)
  • Shipment process: Once we receive full payment from your end, we will proceed to ship your order to the nearest destination port and email you the bill of lading.
  • Port clearance: To pick up the vehicle from the port, you will require working with a port clearance agent for the clearance purpose. Present the agent with all the necessary documents to complete the clearance procedure.

Import Rules and Regulations

Even though it is easy to Import Japanese Used Cars to Russia, but there are a few rules and regulations that you must abide by; let us take a look at a few details on the same:

Shipping ports: Ports like Sankt-Petersburg, Kaliningrad, and Vladivostok are currently utilised by Russian used vehicles exporter to export used vehicles.

Documents required: The list of documents required includes

  • Freight insurance
  • Freight documents or Bill of Lading
  • Single Administrative Document
  • Custom value declaration
  • Packing list
  • Commercial Invoice

Vehicle safety inspection: Japanese used cars for sale in Russia have to undergo a vehicle safety inspection to check for radioactive substance. If there are any issues found, the vehicle owner is offered 20 days to fix the issue and then resubmit the vehicle for the next inspection.

Custom and Taxes: You will be required to pay an import tax of 20% on private or commercial use vehicle along with 20% VAT based on the vehicle's value. There may also be other fees levied on used cars in Russia.

Registration process: To register the vehicle, the following process should be considered:

  • If the vehicle in question is imported for six months, then the registration must be done at the Russian Federation.
  • For vehicles imported for more than six months, the registration must be done from the Russian Interior Ministry's Traffic Safety Inspectorate after clearing the customs.

Left or Right-hand drive: Driving is done on the right-hand side of the road, meaning left-hand drive vehicles are authorised for importation.

Top of The Line Japanese Pre-Owned Cars Are Available for You

Bizupon's extensive service is here to make your process of buying a Used Car in Russia simple and easy. Contact us and pick your favorite Japanese used cars. Leave the rest to us so that you get your favorite car in Russian ports in quick time.